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Housing First

Human Rights and Homelessness




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“Social intervention with homeless people” (dates available soon)

Monograph “Housing First” (dates available soon)


 Also, we design trainings custom-made. Contact us and let us know what you need.




We aim to implement PHF with targeted groups of people with complex needs, but, at the same time, we will provide other housing and intervention to people that may not want an individual dwelling, or may not be able to mantain it at a certain moment. We are also on our way to adapt principles and methodology of Housing First to develop housing and support intervention with other population with different needs: youth, women victims of domestic violence, people that come out of prison…

Our projects

Nowadays, we are working in the intervention project's design and we're in business with different Majors, Companies and Agencies. New projects available soon, subscribe to have all the information!




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Housing First Platform

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Homeless people's day

Inclusion board. Madrid

EAPN Madrid. Housing group

Madrid Social Workers Congress 2016