About us

AIRES (Asociación para la Inclusión Residencial y Social/Association for housing and social inclusion) is a non-profit organization that works, pursuing the goal of social inclusion, with people that, in a certain moment of their lives find great difficulties to access and/or maintain a decent living space that can become a home for them.

Our courses of action are targeted to promote a better life for people that are homeless under the philosophy and principles of Pathways Housing First.

PHF is a clinical and housing intervention that provides secure and permanent housing paired with adequate support services to people with complex needs.

Our Team

AIRES working team is formed by professionals from the socio-educational field and from social economy.


The social intervention technical team is formed by:

Carmen Belchí García: President of AIRES. Social worker specialized in Social Exclusion and inclusion programs.

Ania Pérez de Madrid: Secretary of AIRES. Social worker with experience in General Social Services in the Central city of Madrid.

Rubén Pascual Fernández: Member of AIRES. Social Educator with experience in Housing Led programs.

In addition the three of them have a wide knowledge of Local Homeless Services Network of Madrid, work experience in the intervention with this group of people and specific training in Housing First from Sam Tsemberis and Pathways to housing.

Moreover Mar Guzmán Quintana is also member of AIRES as financial and economics advisor with knowledge in nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneur and corporate social responsibility.


Support and boost of social inclusion –housing, relational and economic inclusion- through innovative models based on the respect for self-determination of each person helping the restoration of their life project. We work to defend the right to decent, stable and affordable housing, and a social support committed to each person, with technical and human quality.



AIRES makes a strong commitment to residential and social inclusion processes research and study, as well as the development of innovative models and its promotion. Particularly, AIRES works to become a benchmark in implementing projects within the Housing First approach adapted to Spanish context.

The concretion of this methodology will be through the main work areas of AIRES: “Intervention and Prevention”, “Research and Professional Training”, “Social Awareness and Advocacy” and “Employment and Social Entrepreneurship”.

Our commitment to the sustainability of the long-term project makes us seek balance in the management of economic, social and environmental axes.




AIRES takes its commitment with its clients from a supportive unconditioned relationship . The base of this relationship is respect for the choices people make about their own lives.

AIRES commitment is also with a dignified and with a more just society.

Rights Defense

Therefore, the commitment of AIRES is also with an active defense of the fundamental rights of every person: the right to decent housing, employment, education and health, equality and non-discrimination, social participation, security and personal privacy, self-determination and freedom of expression.


AIRES rejects the logic that says that people in situations of exclusion must be subject to the supervision, control and imposition of conditions by the professionals of social intervention. From our conception of human beings, we believe that makes the most sense to support the choice of own goals and personal responsibility.

AIRES also believes in teamwork, fellowship, and support and care among professionals as the best way to play a high-quality intervention.


AIRES believes in quality work. No matter how big the project or how trivial the task; we feel like our responsibility to do it the best way possible, with patience, care and professionalism.

We assume this principle as inseparable from the recognition of the professionalism of our team and the application of the best possible working conditions.


In AIRES we set ourselves as an objective the development of viable projects and quality that are socially beneficial, environmentally friendly and financially possible. Sustainability is a guiding value for AIRES that should guide our approaches, processes and actions.

As well as value, AIRES understand sustainability as a necessity, a strategic line and a challenge.


Our priority is, in the fulfillment of our mission, to be consistent with the values expressed herein and with the connection between our speech and our actions. From this starting point we take responsibility for a constant reflection about who we are, what are our targets and how we struggle to get it; we extend this reflection to the contradictions that arise along the way.

To accomplish this, we understand as one of the fundamental keys to facilitate, both inwards and outwards, true, permanent and regular information about our activities. Thus, transparency becomes the foundation on which to build trusting relationships with all stakeholders involved in our projects.